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One of the most versatile cross-arts collaborators in poetry today, working with artists, musicians, dancers, film makers and puppeteers, as well as other writers. Philip sees collaboration not as the opposite of the individual creative voice but as a way to find and deepen it.

Recent collaborations

With Lesley Saunders — A Part of the Main

Philip Gross and Lesley Saunders at the BBC, 2018 A Part of the Main, by Philip Gross and Lesley Saunders
A Part of the Main, flyer

Published in Cardiff by Mulfran Press 2018 ISBN 978-1-907327-31-5 with cover art and book design by Valerie Coffin Price; ISBN 978-1-907327-31-5; £14. Contact us to purchase or for readings.

With Cyril Jones and Valerie Coffin Price &mdasn; Troeon: Turnings

Troeon: Turnings, by Philip Gross, Cyril Jones and Valerie Coffin Price Philip Gross, Cyril Jones and Valerie Coffin Price

To turn, to dig, to plough, to upset, to translate… Bend, lap, journey, time... The Welsh word troeon unfolds meaning after meaning. In TROEON : TURNINGS, two poets confident in their own traditions meet in the hinterland between translation and collaboration — Cyril Jones from the disciplines of Welsh cynghanedd, Philip Gross from the restless variety of English verse.

Rather than lamenting the impossibility of reproducing any language’s unique knots of form and content in translation, they trust each other to explore the energies released.

	In the cloud chamber, atoms tear, spin, split,
	translate the past and future
	into spirals, spun silk, sheer
	release, the heart of the matter.

In the same spirit, Valerie Coffin Price plays an equal part with striking letterpress designs that surprise the language of both writers into new awareness of its possibilities.

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Published on 18th March 2021 ISBN 9781781726068 price £12.99. Purchase Troeon: Turnings

With visual arts

With Valerie Coffin Price — A Fold in the River with exhibitions, talks

A Fold in the River, by Philip Gross and Valerie Coffin Price

Published by Seren Books 31 March 2015, ISBN 9781781722336, paperback: £12.99

With Simon Denison — I Spy Pinhole Eye Winner of the Wales Book of the Year award 2010

I Spy Pinhole Eye, by Philip Gross and Simon Denison

Published by Cinnamon Press October 2009 ISBN 9781905614998 paperback £11.99

With John Eaves, F.J.Kennedy — A Cast of Stones

Cast of Stones, by Philip Gross, John Eaves and FJ Kennedy Cast of Stones, by Philip Gross, John Eaves and FJ Kennedy

Published by Digging Deeper Press, Avebury 1996 ISBN 0-9514076-4-3 £11.99

Jeremy Tankard, typography — Caves of Making [poetry and prose essay (Newmarket: Professional & Higher, 2013) 9781907076749
Caves of Making offers the textual equivalent of a creative festival, bringing together the work of three remarkable creatives. Philip Gross provides a poem, “Cave diver in the deep reach”, and an extended commentary on how the poem was written. These are followed by contributions from typographer Jeremy Tankard, whose unique “Redisturbed” typeface is used throughout the book, and artist Rika Newcombe.’

Limited editions

With Peter Reddick — The Abstract Garden

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The Abstract Garden, by Philip Gross and Peter Reddick

Nature Studies — Poems specially written for this fine limited edition, with wood engravings by Ros Cuthbert
Published by Yellow Fox Press 1995 ISBN 0 9524734 2 9 Limited edition of 110 copies

Coniunctio: A Spell — with pochoir illustrations by Vance Gerry
Published by Prospero Poets 1995 Limited edition of 499 copies

Collaborations with writers

The Air Mines of Mistila, with Sylvia Kantaris —
A Poetry Book Society Choice

The Air Mines of Mistila, by Philip Gross and Sylvia Kantaris

Published by Bloodaxe, Newcastle 1988 ISBN 1-85224-055-5 paperback £4.95

A Game of Consequences Philip initiated a chain-letter of poems exploring nuclear anxiety 1984-85 — many poets including Peter Redgrove, UA Fanthorpe, Penelope Shuttle... — full version finally published in Envoi magazine, Issue 111, 1995, pages 54-74.

For several new collaborations with other writers — sometimes across continents or languages — look on the What's New page [LINK TO COME]

Musical collaborations

The King in the Car Park: cantata with music by Benjamin Frank Vaughan for children's choirs from Leicester and Leicestershire schools, part of the Leicester Cathedral's schools' singing programme DioSing! in collaboration with the Richard lll Project. Premiere: 30.06.2015, Leicester Cathedral

The King in the Car Park, community opera by Benjamin Frank Vaughan and Philip Gross

The King in the Car Park comprises nine movements in a variety of musical styles as diverse as jazz, musical theatre and folk. Telling the story of Richard III's life, death in battle and recent rediscovery, culminating in the finale ‘Coming Home’. The music has been written by up-and-coming Welsh composer Benjamin Vaughan who studied composition at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and the libretto by poet and Creative Writing professor Philip Gross. The piece was performed for the first time by 300 primary school children from schools across Leicester and Leicestershire who worked with DioSing! Choral Directors during the academic year alongside Leicester Cathedral choristers, Loughborough Children's Choir, a counter tenor soloist, and a live band including piano, flute, clarinet, double bass, a variety of medieval instruments and the Leicester Cathedral organ.”

Our Home Addresses: commissioned text set by Benjamin Frank Vaughan for the inauguration of Rowan Williams as Chancellor of the University of South Wales, 2014.

Vocable, by Gareth Peredur Churchill, to text by Philip Gross, with Resonabilis ensemble and Siân Cameron, St Donats Arts Centre and Fonmon Castle 2010

Snail Dreaming — with Glyn Evans and the Britten Sinfonietta (staged Cambridge,1997)

The Mozart Bug — with composer Glyn Evans (staged Bath Festival, 1995)

With Vanilla Allsorts — During the 1990s, Philip performed with the improvisatory jazz-based group with John Eaves, Ralf Dorrell and Miranda Bowri, culminating in the performance A Game Of Henge — published with paintings by John Eaves and F.J. Kennedy as A Cast Of Stones (Digging Deeper, 1996).

Collaborations with theatre

Dance drama Dancing the Knife, Medea Mahdavi Dance Company, with text and poetry by Philip Gross. Brewery Theatre, Bristol. 15-19.11.11

With puppet theatre Performance / adaptation of text The Old Wife's Tale in Triptych, by Wattle and Daub Figure Theatre, first production Plymouth Barbican Theatre, 2009.

Triptych, by Philip Gross in association with Wattle and Daub Figure Theatre

Stage play Rising Star performed by Show of Strength, Bristol, 1996.

Poetry film

Room Inside commissioned video (Fox Create and Broadway Media Centre Nottingham, with Arts Council England) for National Poetry Day 2010

Wyn Mason — interactive poetry-film website Flow and Frame

Works for Radio

Sentence First, Verdict Afterwards — short story. Producer: Christine Hall broadcast on BBC Radio 4; 9 June 2005

Touching Estonia — a radio-poem/documentary. Producer: Tim Dee, broadcast on BBC Radio 3; 21 February 2002

In Deep — short story. Producer: Sara Davies, broadcast on BBC Radio 4; 19 September 2002

Enough Said — short story. Producer: Sara Davies, broadcast on BBC Radio 4; 5 June 1993

Internal Affairs— won the BBC West of England Playwriting Competition, 1986