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A Part of the Main , 2019

It’s hard to know how poetry can play a part in times of anger and loud discord, when anything less than shouting seems too quiet to be heard. In readings from our collaboration, A Part of the Main. Lesley Saunders and I have tried to offer deep perspective for questions about individual and national identity, themes of migration, loss of love or home or language, and a kind of listening that goes beyond the either/or.    Our thanks to our publisher, Mulfran Press, and to kind hosts and thoughtful audiences in Cardiff, London, Oxford, Reading, Shrewsbury, Tunbridge Wells, Bath, Bradford on Avon and others to come.     Ellen Bell writes in Poetry Wales: With its plea for unity… for emotional ad linguistic empathy… for the recognition of a ‘motherline’ that speaks of us all originating from the same source, A Part of the Main, resolutely alive with flint-sparking metaphor, and not least by its claim ‘that our birthright was not to be great but be kind’, is a clarion voice in a din of obfuscation.

A Part of the Main, by Philip Gross and Lesley Saunders, cover art & book design by Valerie Coffin Price (Cardiff: Mulfran Press 2018)   978-1-907327-31-5       £14 from    For readings, mail us through the Contact page on this site:


Cardiff Poetry Experiment: rescheduled for Thursday 30th April

Cardiff Poetry Experiment with Philip Gross and Lesley Saunders, postponed in November due to an industrial dispute, is back on. The date is Thursday 30th April. More details soon.

This special event on collaboration will be held in Cardiff University’s Special Collections & Archives Room with a chance to see materials from the library’s collection.

Written during the political upheavals of 2016-2017, A Part of the Main by Philip Gross and Lesley Saunders is an urgent, passionate conversation carried out through poetry, which gives space to pressing questions about individual and national identity. Philip and Lesley’s performance will bring to life the many voices in these poems.

Introduced by Cardiff creative writer Meredith Miller, this performance will open out into a conversation about collaboration and crisis, in which all are welcome to participate.