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Poets reading for the planet – Sat. 8th Feb.

Congratulations to the gently assiduous organisers of the all-day Poets for the Planet event in London on Saturday 8th February - raising money, in my case, for Earthwatch, a charity that 'works with people worldwide through scientific research, to inspire, educate and engage them in conservation and creating a global community of informed, impassioned people to take action to protect the environment’ -

My part in it was a 10-minute slot among many other voices as well as two drop-in micro-workshops - writing together in the spirit of Japanese renga. My thanks to everyone who dobbed in a bit to the JustGiving fundraising page.


The Deepest Dive

For a genuinely awe-inspiring on-screen graphic, and your personal dive into the deepest oceans - to encounter some of the creatures of the extremes that we meet in Dark Sky Park - click on this: