‘Troeon : Turnings’ – a conversation between poems in Welsh and English


Philip Gross,
Cyril Jones,
Valerie Coffin Price

To turn, to dig, to plough, to upset, to translate… Bend, lap, journey, time... The Welsh word troeon unfolds meaning after meaning.

In TROEON : TURNINGS, two poets confident in their own traditions meet in the hinterland between translation and collaboration - Cyril Jones from the disciplines of Welsh cynghanedd, Philip Gross from the restless variety of English verse.

In the same spirit, Valerie Coffin Price plays an equal part with striking letterpress designs that surprise the language of both writers into new awareness of its possibilities.

ISBN:  9781781726068


Published: 2021        £12.99


"A very thoughtful and thought-provoking book," says Mab Jones in Buzz magazine, in a review that's both those things itself. "This admixture of playfulness and profundity makes the book at once intelligent and engaging, giving it depth yet also keeping it accessible."


Get a taster of the landscape and the languages in this YouTube video, Jottings On The Water / Dwfrfyfyrio, the two poets' voices in conversation with each other and the River Taff.