After Calvino

[What truer tribute to a book than to want, as here with Italo Calvino's endlessly hospitable-unsettling Invisible Cities, to walk around it and to add a glimpse of your own?]

There's no end to the travellers who have set out in search of the city of Agnosia. No one has reached it, or if they have, they have never returned. There is a whole department at the university whose job is to prove that it cannot exist... which lends a certain frisson to the tale of Professor Z, who packed his books and took the homeward tram one evening to find that his garden gate, by some accident of streetlight, seemed to open inwards onto a vast square, with formal gardens of silvery-white bushes round an ornate fountain gushing jets of pure dark. It was just a moment, long enough for him to recognise Agnosia, and the choice: to step in, now or never, for once and for all. Which he did.  

Published: 22 July, 2018