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Another example of the lithe and exnterprising new life flowing into the poetry world online, ANTHROPOCENE publishes new work – poems and translations – every Wednesday and Sunday, as well as a fortnighty newletter.

All this is available on their site here, including these contributions from me – Limestone Singing and To Seed... and Catchment and Feather on the Pillow . Several of these comes from an ongoing project, begun during the pandemic, of walking the marginal land here round Penarth.


BAD LILIES is an example of the fertile, fresh world of quality online poetry magazines – bi-monthly, coming up to its 18th issue, quickly attracting an impressive list of names, established and new.

If you haven't met it yet, use these poems of mine, The Water Feature and Settlers, as a gateway to exploring so much more. Or these, in the brand new issue 18, Night Work on the Reactor and A Prospect of the Baltic. (Other rich and varied poems in this issue by Michaela Coplen, Rebecca Watts, David Yezzi, Derek Webster, Claire Crowther, John Redmond, Mary Ford Neal, Lisa Kelly, Patrick Davidson Roberts, Katrina Naomi, Gareth Prior.)


Poems in MODRON

MODRON: Writing on Nature & the Ecological Crisis is now on its third issue, and drawing in a wide range of quality work – poems, articles, reviews and blog posts – by some of the most interesting writers from Wales and beyond.

Click here to see two poems of mine, Transmigrations and Windthrow – and also a contribution to a month-long series of writing prompts, this one with an eye to the conversations, often fraught, potentially creative, between languages: Macaronic.

And then, of course, spend time exploring the wealth of content of the Modron site here.

As an antidote to angels, a little demonology

Courtesy of the vivid, various, oceanic, world-girdling online journal Live Encounters, here’s A Preamble to the Demonology, my wry rationale for why I won’t be writing a book about demons to match The Thirteenth Angel, published  by Bloodaxe in November, and currently shortlisted for the T.S.Eliot Prize.

The Thirteenth Angel: T.S.Eliot Prize videos and focus

Click into the T.S.Eliot Prize site Shortlisted poets in focus to watch Philip interviewed and reading three sample poems from his shortlisted collection The Thirteenth Angel. You'll find Readers' Notes and a thoughtful commissioned review by John Field, as well as a way into the other shortlisted collections.

Gross and Steger launch reading, still available to watch

In a live-streamed launch reading on Tues 22 November 2022, Bloodaxe Books celebrated the publication of two new poetry collections: Philip Gross' The Thirteenth Angel, and Ales Steger's Burning Tongues.

Philip and Ales read, then with the help of well-placed questions from host, Bloodaxe editor Neil Astley, moved into a discussion of the books, the times we're in and the place of poetry. This free Bloodaxe launch event was streamed on YouTube Live and remains there free to watch and listen on this YouTube page

The 13th Angel – on the TS Eliot Prize shortlist 2022

A Poetry Book Society Recommendation / Shortlisted for the TS Eliot Prize

Publication Date : 17 Nov 2022      Paperback £12.00       ISBN 9781780376356

With each new collection, Philip Gross’ poems extend their conversation between the metaphysical and the acutely physical. His sequences in The Thirteenth Angel scan from moment to moment like flickering needles, registering stress patterns in the world around us – ebbs and flows of weather or events, in our own bodies, in the city streets before and after the pandemic, or on the autoroutes of Europe with their undertow of human flight. If there are angels, they are nothing otherworldly, but formed by angles of incidence between real immediate things, sudden moments of clarity that may disturb, calm or exhilarate.

The Thirteenth Angel is Philip Gross’s 27th book of poetry, and his 12th from Bloodaxe.

Divining Dante

A full online version of major international anthology for the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri, Divining Dante, is now visible online, thanks to Recent Work press – three poems each, one for each book of the Divine Comedy, by poets from Italy, the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, Singapore and India..

My contributions,  The Lucifer Event, The Shores of Purgatory and The Shadows of Paradise are on pp.47-50

Outposted: art-poetry collaborations…

Just a glimpse of Valerie Coffin Price's elegant and eloquent 'setting' of my poem adding a point of personal memory and value to a map of the Brecon Beacons, as part of the ambitious wide-ranging Outposted project, "bringing together a wide range of professional and emerging writers, artists, performers and makers, from various locations across the UK, to work in our collective solitude and create art that aims to be compelling, relevant and high quality in content and execution".

This and much other work went on display this Three Storeys exhibition in March of this year.



‘Troeon : Turnings’ – a conversation between poems in Welsh and English


Philip Gross,
Cyril Jones,
Valerie Coffin Price

To turn, to dig, to plough, to upset, to translate… Bend, lap, journey, time... The Welsh word troeon unfolds meaning after meaning.

In TROEON : TURNINGS, two poets confident in their own traditions meet in the hinterland between translation and collaboration - Cyril Jones from the disciplines of Welsh cynghanedd, Philip Gross from the restless variety of English verse.

In the same spirit, Valerie Coffin Price plays an equal part with striking letterpress designs that surprise the language of both writers into new awareness of its possibilities.

ISBN:  9781781726068

Published: 2021        £12.99


"A very thoughtful and thought-provoking book," says Mab Jones in Buzz magazine, in a review that's both those things itself. "This admixture of playfulness and profundity makes the book at once intelligent and engaging, giving it depth yet also keeping it accessible."


Get a taster of the landscape and the languages in this YouTube video, Jottings On The Water / Dwfrfyfyrio, the two poets' voices in conversation with each other and the River Taff.