Garsdale: a week of clear air and poetry

My thanks and much respect to Hamish and Rebecca of the Garsdale Retreat, high in the Yorkshire Dales, for establishing a place for quietly intensive writing/tutoring and fine feeding, up among the the calls of lapwing, curlew and (while I was there, late April) Spring lambs. For a sense of that spaciousness, a view from the garden to the next-door neighbours...

Mossy drystone wall, with view of bare hills beyon, a single white house in the distance.

Thanks too to thoughtfully exact and musical guest reader Katharine Towers and to all the members of a friendly, focussed, mutually supportive group, who tried everything I dared them to, however perverse, and used it produce writing which was gloriously different, utterly their own.

Published: 3 May, 2024