In Bath… Philip Gross and Lesley Saunders reading from A Part of the Main

Tuesday 12th February
7.30 for 8 pm

Toppings Bookshop, The Paragon, Bath, BA1 5LS

In the summer of 2016, Philip Gross and Lesley Saunders were exchanging poems in response to the upheavals of that year’s events, with the British referendum and the migration crisis in Europe. With an awareness of the deep history of these islands and a longing to get beyond soundbites and easy opinions, these poems wove themselves into A Part of the Main, an exploration of belonging and migration in an interconnected world.

Published by Mulfran Press, in a book handsomely designed by Valerie Coffin Price, this is poetry that invites you both to feel and think, and to join in the conversation.   Come and hear it in the book-lined intimacy of Toppings Bookshop, Bath.

Published: 17 January, 2019