Poetry in many guises

Saturday 10th March, 2024... and a loose group of writers, artists and musicians who meet once a month for a Serendip Tea at the Turner House Gallery, Penarth, came together for an afternoon of Poetry On Show in many guises. There were:

  • ...the poetry of smells (with real perfumes) by Lesley James,
  • ...audio + cut up / paper installation by Sophie Buchaillard,
  • ...poetry jewellery by Mab Jones,
  • ...poems in performance by Luca Paci and myself, with music from Chris Glynn and Mac Elton.

…not to mention the presiding spirit of Karl Blossfeldt (1854-1932) whose hauntingly cool precise, sometimes microscopic images of previously unnoticed plant forms surrounded us and challenged us to look and think.

Our thanks to the curators, and to the Hayward Gallery, London South Bank, whose travelling exhibition this was. It leaves me with a sequence of fifteen poems in response to the Blossfeldt (click here for one: Blossfeldt form) wondering where they might go next or what they’ll lead to.


Published: 12 March, 2024