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Privacy Policy


  • This is an individual writer’s website – just me, Philip Gross – and meant for people who want to find out more about my writing.
  • I do not collect data about anyone, or pass it on to anybody else. The website analytics log the number of visits, but this can’t be used to identify individual visitors.
  • If you give your e-mail on one of the contact pages – the Contact button or Ask Philip in the Dark Sky Park Zone I will use it to reply to you, from an e-mail address I use for nothing else. It will not appear on  the website.
  • Neither will your full name, if you tick the box to give permission for me to publish my answer to a question you have asked.
  • The Ask Philip page reminds you to ask for a parent or guardian’s consent to contact me, if you’re under 13.
  • I can’t prevent my home computer from remembering that it has seen an e-mail address, but it won’t be kept on any list, and the computer is password protected when it’s not in use. If the worst came to the worst and I found it had been compromised, I can recover people’s addresses from the web host’s secure site to let you know.
  • I know that everybody’s privacy is important, and I will look at the site and this policy regularly to make sure it is working as it should.
  • Now, welcome…